Introducing the New Kitchen Ace Cafe Stainless Steel Milk Frother
Making You Fresh Frothed Milk Every Morning
Easy to Use and Easy to Clean.
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"I never knew that frothing my milk could be so much fun! Easiest way to make gourmet espresso drinks in my own home. Thank's Kitchen Ace Cafe!"

Chris Tatro
Happy Customer
"Makes waking up so much easier knowing my Kitchen Ace Milk Frother will be there to greet me every morning with my cup of coffee."

Jeff Williams
Owner, Kitchen Ace Cafe
"Best part of every morning is waking up to a warm cup of coffee. Kitchen Ace Cafe have made making home espresso so easy. I can effortlessly make great espresso everyday!"

Happy Customer
"Good God this thing is amazing!"

Happy Customer
"I have never experienced anything this amazing in a wholesome way!"

Happy Customer
Making Your Morning Easier
Coffee is good for the soul and for the heart. If the cold weather causes you to seek solace in a warm cup of espresso topped with a foamy, creamy latte but you don’t own an espresso machine, you can still whip up a great latte. All you need is a microwave oven, an electric, hand-held milk frother, some good quality coffee and milk. The trick is to get the milk whisked up enough to aerate it until it becomes frothy and creamy. Granted, not everyone has a milk frother handy, but this is your chance to get a great milk frother!
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